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Creature Magic (Gray Stone Witches Book Six)


They want to take my throne. I won’t let them.

My core’s shattered. Rachel’s in a coma, and Zane’s healing from breaking every bone in his body.

I thought things couldn’t get worse, but the Council invaded. They’d rather destroy the realm than allow us to rule.

I might be powerless, but I’m not alone. If I can get all the races to band together, we might stand a chance.

Too bad they refuse to work with me.

If you like thrilling urban fantasy with slow-burn romance, danger, and a sprinkle of spice, then you’ll love Creature Magic.

This is the FINAL book in the Gray Stone Witches series. Don't miss out on the epic conclusion.

other books in the series

Gray Stone Witches will be a six book series. Stay tuned for more found family, slow-burn romance goodness!






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