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Ritual Magic (Gray Stone Witches Book Three)


The gods are real, and my enemy is working with the cruelest one of all.

Nathaniel’s not just dangerous, he’s deadly. Twice now he’s forced my coven to participate in his mysterious ritual. And he has one last step to complete—to get my coven's blood for the final time. We don’t know what the ritual will do, but it can’t be anything good. Especially with the sinister god of luck on his side.

With that looming over us, Zane and I reluctantly retreat to his estranged family manor. They hate me for my weak magic, and they’d stop at nothing to control Zane. I refuse to let them hurt him again. But stepping in the middle has its own consequences. The Casimirs aren’t above torturing me to prove a point.

But not all is lost. There’s answers in the Casimir ancestral library. If we can find the right spellbook, we can end this. And maybe get a god or two on our side.

If you like thrilling urban fantasy with slow burn romance, angst, and a touch of steam, then you’ll love Ritual Magic.

other books in the series

Gray Stone Witches will be a six book series. Stay tuned for more found family, slow-burn romance goodness!






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