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Spark of Magic (Gray Stone Witches Book One)


I can’t go back to the non-magical world. Magic is in my blood even if I’m terrible at it.

Most college students went to parties on a Friday night. I went to the library. But my quiet night gets interrupted when I stumble across a coven of witches. They weren’t expecting me, but my presence can only mean one thing. I’m a witch.

I’m not strong enough to become a magician, but anyone can be a witch—as long as they have a coven to back them. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough spots and I’ll have to fight my way in. Even worse, I’m up against handsome jerk Zane Casimir who comes from a family of powerful magicians. If I lose my spot, my memory will be erased.

Magic is vicious, cruel, and wonderful. Death and chaos follow all who practice it. I should walk away, especially after a grinning demon starts haunting my dreams, but I can’t. I need magic—even if it breaks me.

Spark of Magic is the first book in the Gray Stone Witches series. It features witches, magicians, fae, and demons. This thrilling urban fantasy has angsty emotion, adventure, and a slow burn romance.

other books in the series

Gray Stone Witches will be a six book series. Stay tuned for more found family, slow-burn romance goodness!






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