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Strange Worlds (Jensen in the Multiverse Book One)


Parallel worlds, superpowers, and megalomaniacs.

Jensen Edward Stringfellow’s definition of normal consisted of having ice powers and being the adopted son of superpowered thieves. But during his first heist, things quickly become NOT NORMAL.

Not only does Jensen find himself in an alternate universe but he’s also the target of the Overlord, a man who wants to conquer the multiverse and can only do so by killing all versions of Jensen. And out of the 215 worlds in the multiverse, only two J ensens remain.

Along for the ride with a ragtag team of rebels, he travels across the world in search of a magic crystal said to have the power to defeat the Overlord, but might not even exist.

Failure isn’t an option, the multiverse is at stake.

Featuring a diverse cast, including an asexual character, found family and no romance for the main character. This coming-of-age urban fantasy is perfect for readers who love a contemporary setting, non-Western folklore, and a fun friendship read.

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