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Strange Battles (Jensen in the Multiverse Book Three)


Don't miss out on this epic conclusion.

Jensen Stringfellow hoped for a happy reunion with his foster dad when he returned home from a parallel world. Instead, he found his world on the brink of a multiverse showdown with the evil Overlord hellbent on murdering Jensen and his parallel universe counterpart, Edward, in order to conquer the multiverse and achieve godlike status.

Jensen and his friends rush to find the last crystal whose power will help them level against the Overlord. Meanwhile, Kazuki and Caitlyn set off on their own perilous journey. Across the multiverse, they race against the clock to build a rebel army to fight with Jensen.

Jensen chose to wield the crystal and stand against the Overlord. Even as doubt creeps in, there’s no backing out.

It's time to fight

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