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Featured Fantasy Books

This list features authors who have under fifty reviews for the first book of their series. These are hidden gems you should take a chance on! Getting visibility is the hardest part of being an author and I know for me it means the world to be given a chance!

The Last Lunar Witch by S.F. Henne

A witch with broken magic moves to the city to find a cure. After breaking into the library and stealing a codex, she makes a potion from it, but it awakens a rare and dangerous magic, one capable of of tearing the veil between her realm and the one ruled by demons.

Found Family, Hidden Powers, Self-Empowerment, Variety of Magical Races, Magical Familiar, Urban Fantasy

Available on AMAZON

The Heir of Swansgrove by Katie J Pritchett

What would you do if you found out you're the heir to a magic you never knew existed? While navigating the tricky waters of her new high school, Acacia Wheatley must learn to master her magic and learn the nuances of her new and confusing world. But can she master her new abililities before a dangerous power threatens to destroy her new home?

Chosen one, Found Family, Secret Heir, Slow Burn Romance, YA Urban Fantasy

Available on AMAZON

Charms & Chocolate - Awakened by Fire by Jenny Swan

While Mayla believes in having chocolates for every occasion, she doesn't believe in magic — at least until coffee cups and windows start exploding in her office. When she suddenly finds herself in a forest on her way home through the city and faces mortal danger, her world turns upside-down. Along with this unexpected danger, she encounters a mysterious stranger, a handsome detective, and plenty of chocolate.

Witches, Paranormal Women's Fiction, Magic Series, Slow Burn Romance, Urban Fantasy For Women

Available on AMAZON

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Tentative Release Schedule

Bound to the Fae (Court of Cruel Fae #1) - June 2024 - Link here!

Captive of the Fae (Court of Cruel Fae #2) - August 2024

Legacy of the Fae (Court of Cruel Fae #3) - October 2024

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