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Bound to the Fae (Court of Cruel Fae Book One)


Fated mates. Royal fae. A hybrid with dangerous powers.

Never go into the woods. I’ve always listened—until my dog got lost, and I needed to find him.

Everything rapidly spiraled out of control. I landed in the fae realm. And now I’m bound by a deal to the cruel Day Court queen, my estranged grandmother.

She won’t let me leave because I’m the first ever hybrid. Born of two feuding courts and with powers rumored to bring about a new era for the fae realm. She wants me to be her weapon.

While trying to survive her hostile Court, I have to fight for my freedom. But I might not be completely alone.

A Night Court fae lurks in the shadows. He’s dangerous. He’s powerful. He’s actively threatened me. I should keep my distance. But despite everything, I’m drawn to him.

Maybe he can help me escape.

Bound to the Fae features (slight) enemies to lovers, a broody male, a heroine who comes into her own powers, fated mates, steam, touch her and unalive, and a royal fae romance with Romeo and Juliet vibes!

other books in the series

Court of Cruel Fae is a trilogy. Stay stuned for royal fae, betrayal, and fated mates!

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